Who Are We

Team of data hungry folks!

What we do

g-edge software technology with advanced algorithms for biosignals decoding, sensory feedback and embodiment to push the boundaries of wearable devices, and chart a route ahead for the new era of human 2.0.

What We believe

We believe in a world where disability does not define quality of life!

Our Story: Gumpy toolbox!

Zied Tayeb, CEO and Founder of Myelins, is a researcher on brain-computer interfaces and neuroprosthetics at Technical University of Munich (TUM). In the first year of his Ph.D., Zied Tayeb, Christian Widderich (Myelins’ CTO), and other researchers from TUM developed “Gumpy“; an open source software toolbox for hybrid brain-computer interfaces (BCI) [1] . The software allows end-users to perform online hBCI and provides numerous methods for processing and decoding of biosignals (EEG, EMG, etc.) spanning from classic machine learning to advanced deep learning techniques. Driven by the motivation to take this software to the next level and push the boundaries of brain-robot interfaces, Zied started Myelins startup whose mission is to provide advanced software solutions to empower the next generation of human-like robotic devices.

Our Product: MyBrain software

The solution we propose is called MyBrain: a cutting-edge software technology designed for neural prostheses (prosthetic limbs, cochlear or visual prostheses). We have been developing this technology for almost three years.

Our Services


"Sandwich" Service

Clients can upload any biomedical time series data (EEG, EMG, EOG, etc.). We take care of processing, extracting features and choose the adequate machine learning/deep learning model corresponding to the desired task. Unlike classic machine learning solutions, this service provides a  full report explaining how/why the model works to help clients trust the predictive model and to comply with the new GDPR law


"AutoGen" Service

Using this service, we use machine learning to enable machine learning. As the deep learning models are “data hungry” models, this service provide a new and a unique solution to synthesize data from few samples and build data generator models based on generative adversarial networks.


"BCI-on-device" service

We combine virtual reality and online machine learning to provide “ready-to-use” mobile apps, which can translate your thoughts of moving a robotic arm/hand or your muscle signals into actions using just their mobile phones.


"Gold" Service

Myelins offers a gold service, where it licenses a complete “full” solution from data recording using VR into restoring sense of touch. A full customized solution with client’s robotic device will be provided by subscribing to this service.


"After-sale" service

Myelins charges clients extra fees for training, installation, technical support, or further customization, when more interested customers would choose to use it after the initial release.        


"Rack your brain" service​

Are you struggling to find a solution for your problem? Do you have a new project idea in the field of brain-computer interfaces or assistive technology? Do you want to collaborate with us in a new specific project? Subscribe to the Rack brain service, submit your idea and we will organize a brainstorming session together. We will invite all the  “myelinsees”, our partners in academia and interested researchers dealing with such a problem and we try to sketch together the right approach to come up with a solid solution.   

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